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Why do I need over-the-counter stocks, my business has just appeared?

It is thanks to the block of shares that your employees have guarantees in case your business develops, they will receive, for example, 2% of the net annual income of your enterprise! It encourages your employees to make your enterprise progress! If your employees do not have stocks, they have to believe that you will not deceive them and will pay 2% of your company's net annual income all your life (do you believe the first person you meet?). The absence of any guarantees reduces your key employees' interest in working on the development of your enterprise, which impedes its progress and increases the likelihood of bankruptcy, so I highly recommend that you start a business by creating a joint-stock community of the most useful and reliable people with whom you had to have business! The main OTC markets in the United States are 1 or 2 if you reside in Japan or Australia, for example, and you do not want or cannot, due to legal restrictions, place shares on the resources listed above, look for relevant information for your country of residence.

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