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A group of IT specialists promoting clients' businesses on the Internet and looking for the best methods of this in the largest social network of programmers GitHub, the largest website of questions, answers about programming Stack Overflow, training centers of the largest search engines Google and Yandex, as well as CMS platforms WordPress and Wix.
We believe the knowledge and cones we have gained over the years of work will be enough to get your business quality customers from the Internet!

Who are we?

Image by Denny Müller

Specialists in creation, promotion of startups.

Our service, how can we be of service to you?

Website creation

The site is the perfect tool for the 21st century to find people who really need us! But how to choose the most perfect programs, programming languages ​​for its creation? We are sure you will not be disappointed with the methods we use to create your website!

Internet advertising

Today, thousands of companies offer to advertise the site using their service: Google, Facebook, Amazon, and so on, but how to choose the more correct way? We believe the statistics we have collected over the years of work will be enough to choose the right services to advertise your business!

Maintaining social networks

They have attendance slightly inferior to search engines, but the latter are increasingly repelled by activity in them, when ranking sites in search results, namely, the first 5 positions account for 95% of orders! We believe our experience in working with social networks will increase traffic to our common resources!

What campaigns, services do we interact with when working on your orders?

Trust is extremely difficult to obtain and easy to lose! In order for your order to be executed flawlessly, we interact only with the most reliable Internet companies! In case of ordering the site, it will be manufactured on the platforms WordPress (52nd position in the ranking of Alexa), WIX (168 positions in the ranking of Alexa), or Shopify (the world's largest CMS platform specializing in the creation of online stores, the company is included in the forbs 2000 list and is recommended by Facebook and Google). The domains of your sites will be hosted by the world's most famous registrars google domains or GoDaddy (171st position in the Alexa ranking). For website promotion, applications and services that are recommended only by companies included in the first 500 positions of the Alexa ranking, which are international leaders, and of course the leader in the Google advertising market, will be used! In most of the services we work with, you can: connect additional third-party employees or specialists of the companies themselves, ask company specialists to check the results of our work if you doubt our qualifications. We look forward to working with you! We think together with you we will be able to build a strong brand that brings great benefits to our planet and monetary benefits to us. Sincerely, Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin, director of WhiteWert, my personal contacts are, WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram+7 909 433-29-96, Facebook, Linkedin.

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