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Who is behind WhiteWert?

Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin Director WhiteWert

Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin
Chief Executive Officer

  • Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin in LinkedIn

I am studying at the Google Advertising Academy, Google Analytics Academy, and also I am doing
learning programming languages ​​at maintained by the US White House! I believe that we can build mutually beneficial and long-term cooperation if we build cooperation through shares of a company-issued in the US Securities and Exchange Commission and quoted on the Nasdaq or NYSE (this is available for small companies from all over the world) or the creation of your site in my account with domain registration in my name (I cannot build a business without you, since I am not a builder, lawyer, driver, chemist, investor, and so on, and you are without me since I am the owner of your site! I look forward to getting to know you and your type of business! Perhaps together we can dramatically increase our income!

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