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The importance of using advertising agencies!

What methods of advertising on the Internet are more popular and most likely to be more effective?

Very often I come across the fact that you do not want to collaborate remotely with an advertising agency, since you have very little control over its activities, unlike the person who is sitting in the next office and many of your friends were unsatisfied with the results of advertising campaigns conducted by advertising agencies! In order to agree or refute your opinion, we will need to first study the report on the spending of companies on digital advertising in 2019 here they amount to 333.25 billion dollars for a year, and then study on Wikipedia the revenues of only the five largest advertising agencies in the world back in 2014, without calculating the costs for the advertising services Google, Facebook, Alibaba, Amazon, Microsoft and so on (usually companies spend more money on advertising itself than the agency that manages it and is looking for ways to make it as effective as possible) here As you can see, even then, they amounted to approximately 12% of the total amount of spending on digital advertising in 2019, about the ratio of advertising orders, through all advertising agencies back in 2014 and orders directly from the company's own employees in 2019, I prefer to keep silent)) What do you think is more profitable for the development of your business to hire advertising specialists in your company office or interact remotely with advertising agencies? Another thing is the ratings and performance of advertising agencies, very different from each other! And as statistics show, finding a normal agency can be much more difficult than you want, and VIP establishments 2 often offer rates not available to all companies! It is extremely important when building a business to use not stereotypes created in your subconscious, after interacting with a couple of friends who are not interested in the existence of competition, but accurate statistics from the most popular sites in our world, like Wikipedia, or take an example from industry standards like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Google and other major companies engaged in activities similar to those of your business and do not make hasty conclusions about the quality of the work! We all understand how Amazon and Facebook came to self-sufficiency not immediately, but on the 5th and 7th year of the company’s existence (not near times), but with iron nerves, perseverance, and careful rechecking of the work being done, the search for talents, and so on you will be able to progress, as Amazon, Facebook and other largest holdings of the planet have proved to us! I believe that together we can achieve our goals, we only need to learn how to concentrate on work, a lot of distracts us from it in this life!

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