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"Hello! Glad to see you on the page of our vacancies!" Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin Director of WhiteWert. 

You fell in love with the world-famous Internet companies Google, YouTube, Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, etc., you want, know how to work with high technologies, you have more than 10 certificates of IT companies (from the Forbs 500 list), website development, website promotion on the Internet is your main passion? You have come to the address! We think we can build mutually beneficial cooperation, and make the Internet much better, more useful than it is today!


Are you studying at Google Analytics Academy?

You know how to make cohort analyzes, conduct segments, you know how to calculate the recoverable income through Google Analytics. Can you work with the extensions included in Google Analytics, Analytics 360, Tag Manager 360, Optimize 360, 360 attributions, Audience Center 360, and Data Studio 360? You have come to the address! We will be glad to consider your resume!


Are you studying at Google Skillshop?

Do you know how to work with one of the three types of Google advertising platforms, are you a native speaker of a foreign language or do you know it well? You have come to the address! We will be glad to consider your resume! 


Are you studying at YouTube Creator Academy? 

You passed the exams for "object monetization", "content management", "channel development" and so on. You have come to the address! We look forward to reviewing your resume! 


Do you have CMS experience in Ajax applications, cloud platforms: Shopify, Wix Ecwid, etc.?

You have worked with online stores related to eBay, Amazon, online stores in facebook business, Instagram business, VK, google shopping services, Yandex market, Android, Ipad, iPhone, Facebook messenger apps, and so on. Are you the owners of sites in Shopify, WordPress, Wix? You have come to the address! We will be glad to consider your resume! 


Are you a professional translator and speak a foreign language?

We will be glad to see you in the ranks of our company, as respectable sites of Microsoft, Google, Facebook, and other large companies are translated into dozens and hundreds of languages ​​of the world! And it is completely unclear what language a person who is ready to become our most valuable client can speak! We believe we will not waste each other's time in vain by joining forces to develop business and search for the most interesting and promising projects!

Building a career with WhiteWert! We believe your prospects with us are endless!
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