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The main stars of the IT world


You have come to the conclusion that you do not need to limit yourself to the efforts of WhiteWert and Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin to develop your business, or to the opinion that they will not be able to fulfill your order flawlessly and contribute to business development! In this case, these people and companies will most likely be useful to you 1 Professional services GitHub , the largest social network of programmers in the world owned by Microsoft and used by 72 companies on the Fortuna 100 list, there are official repositories of Facebook, Oracle, Google and other major holdings of the planet or immediately contact the most influential GitHub developers, whom Github has appointed the main stars 2 If you spend on advertising far from 100 rubles a day, then contact the most influential analysts of our planet Krista Seiden and Ashish Vij, who are key instructors in Google Analytics, with a question, how to improve the advertising activities of your company, and also do not forget to discuss the quality of the work done or the planned work with the most stellar specialists of stackoverflow , an analogue of the largest social network of programmers, which is also one of the 100 most visited sites in the world, but is not the property of the holdie nga of the level of Microsoft or try to use its capabilities to find the brightest heads of the modern world that can affect the development of your business, as well as premium partners WordPress , the world's largest platform for creating, hosting sites, which hosts sites from the list Fortuna 100 to improve existing resources on WordPress or create new projects that will blossom with bright colors, like Apple, IBM (located on WordPress), UPS (also located on WordPress), Oracle and other largest holdings of the planet, as well as do not forget to seek legal advice from the world's largest law firm Kirkland & Ellis about the most competent issue of shares of your company in and their subsequent placement on the NYSE or Nasdaq Fist North (Nasdaq division for small and medium-sized companies) in order to be able to attract the necessary amount of money to the company for its development, and not bankruptcy, listed here specialists to the best of their star status will demand from you, an infinite amount of money that you will need to get somewhere, and you can hardly do it outside the NYSE, Nasdaq if you have no relatives, friends with a huge fortune of money.

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