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Types of payment for our labor

Remuneration for the work of WhiteWert specialists

Due to insufficient money or knowledge to issue shares of your company in with their subsequent placement on the OTC Bulletin Board or for some other reason, you may not be satisfied with settling with Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin or employees of his company by transferring a block of shares to Stanislav or his employees! Consider alternative methods of payment for our services 1 (more desirable) site of your company is being developed in a Wix or WordPress account that belongs to Stanislav and connects to the domain owned by Stanislav (after many months of hard work of Stanislav or his company's employees, you will not be able to declare that you are completely not satisfied with the quality of Stanislav's work and take the site for yourself without paying off with WhiteWert) when doing business you will have to reckon with the interests of Stanislav, and he with yours, since you or your employees are engaged in the clients of your enterprise, and not Stanislav and the employees of his company. 2 (less desirable) concluding an hourly contract with you for Stanislav or his company's employees on Upwork, the largest American freelance exchange here! Then you get a very detailed report on the work done by Stanislav or his employees from Upwork with photo reports, and Stanislav or his company's employees receive a fixed hourly wage from you and an increase in the rating in the Upwork system (the more Stanislav or his employees have worked hours on the largest American exchange and the more money paid, the more large companies may be interested in ordering the services of Stanislav or his employees!) Stanislav or his employees may need these companies if we cannot agree with you on how to conduct business and what money we should receive from you! We hope one of the types of payment offered by us will suit you and we will be able to build mutually beneficial long-term cooperation!

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