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Cash tariff plans, if you are not satisfied with the settlement with us through the shares of your company placed on the subsidiary markets of Nasdaq, NYSE for small and medium-sized companies, which are mentioned in the header of this site or the creation of a site in Stanislav's account, with the registration of a domain name for Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin.

Website creation

1000 $ or stocks (they are available to small companies in the Nasdaq, NYSE)


Website development includes website design development, creation of all vital pages: home, services, about us, information for investors, board of directors, career, annual reports, contacts, trademarks, tariffs, corporate governance, company news and more, confirmation of the rights to own a business and a domain on the Internet, confirmation of the rights to own sites on twitter, pinterest, bing, yandex and so on, connection of the domain (s) to the site, connection to the site: facebook, twitter, instagram, linkedin, amazon, youtube and so on, payment systems, chats, mobile applications, download videos, music, technical setup of the website: seo, tags Google analytics, automatic mailing of letters to clients, user profile, to connect employees with different access rights to editing the site and much more.


Internet site advertising

500 $ or stocks (they are available to small companies in the Nasdaq, NYSE)


Advertising of your business on the Internet includes: technical settings in an advanced Google Ads account for experienced marketers, the inclusion of extensions: prices, brands, specifications, phone number, sizes, addresses and more, bug fixes in your Google Ads account, work with the keyword planner, results, compliance of advertising with the rules of Internet advertising, setting up advertising for a more promising audience (we have a lot of different advertisements aimed at different audiences and the income from them is very different!), setting up formats video advertising and so on.


Work with a Google Analytics account, Analytics 360

300 $ or stocks (they are available to small companies in the Nasdaq, NYSE)

Work with Google Analytics accounts, Analytics 360 includes: analysis of all your advertising campaigns, followed by reporting on the more appropriate use of the advertising budget based on accurate data, setting up technical components: tracking tags, setting up an account, resource, presentation, setting filters, compilation of various reports (there are more than 80 types of them) and much more.


Tariff plans of the platforms themselves, which are used to develop your business

From 40 dollars


If your site will be hosted on WordPress you will need this page, if you choose Wix then this page, subsequent business promotion on the Internet (without advertising clients you may not receive), since Google has overtaken all its competitors by more than twice, it’s better to start Google’s advertising services, Google’s premium technology sales department, for large businesses, also I recommend that you use as many different services offered by Google as possible, because it’s difficult to say which service will be the most effective and which service is the cheapest (there are campaigns with indicators: spent $ 4 for 45 thousand impressions, in the most expensive areas of London, the richest Londoners owning the most expensive real estate in London!).

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