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Can one trust a large amount of work to one specialist?

Very often I come across the fact that you are looking for a person who will be engaged in hundreds of services in a complex, when any successful company Microsoft, Google, Amazon and so on has hundreds of thousands of specialists! As you can see, apparently a person is not able to pull simultaneously: physics, chemistry, mathematics, biology, programming, advertising and a dozen other sciences that are relevant in your enterprise! Therefore, I highly recommend that you listen to the opinions of experts, what volumes of work they are able to do, how much time they need to do this or that and so on! Over time, according to their reports on the work done, which will also be good to publish in the largest thematic communities, it will become clear what kind of class they are and whether it makes sense to cooperate with them? #Numberemployeescompanies #employeescompany #ExpertCompetencyArea

People working on computers in the office

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