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Website development for any type of business.

Website creation

We accept orders for website development for any type of business. Your sites will be developed either on Wix (located at 227 positions in the Alexa rating, quoted on the New York Stock Exchange Nasdaq, Google, Facebook recommend using Wix) or WordPress (49 in the Alexa ranking, companies such as IBM, UPS, Spotify, Time and others host their websites on the WordPress platform.). On all platforms with which we work, you will have the opportunity to connect additional programmers to the project if you doubt our qualifications, or initially connect us to the platform as your employees if you need a specific report for the senior management: who works over a project, who gets paid, who is responsible for this or that section of your site?

Advertising on the Google search engine and Google’s affiliate networks.

Google text ads

We take on the task of developing your business in the Google search engine. If you think this is an easy job that you can do on your own, check out the articles on how to set up “company URL parameters” 2 As you can see, search advertising is much more complicated than it seems at first glance!


Google Display Network Advertising.

Graphic Internet Advertising

The Google Display Network is the two million most visited sites, applications, and Internet videos where your ad can appear. As well as search advertising, it is a whole science with a huge number of nuances. Articles describing her activities in more detail .As they say, "one head is good, and two is better!". You should not be limited only by your own efforts in an attempt to progress in this not simple system.


Conducting work with Google Analytics.

Work with Google Analytics

Thanks to digital analytics, we find out who our customers are, their age, wealth, marital status, status, homeownership, level of education, interests, from which device models they make larger orders and browse our site in general, what types of advertising bring more profit, where users have difficulty working with our site, what types of content they are more interested in (on which pages of the site they spend more time), and so on. This allows us to better understand the laws under which our business operates and how to extract more money from it. We hope that our experience is enough to analyze your business on the Internet, and to competently change the model of its development in the territories that you entrust to us.

Advertising your brand account on YouTube.

Video advertisement

YouTube is the second most visited site in the world, and as they say, "it's better to see once than hear 100 times!" We all love to see beautiful video content. We are sure that for the development of your brand it is necessary to use the entire list of YouTube technologies,,,, and more. As you can see, one person cannot handle this. We hope that after connecting us to your brand account, your brand will reach a whole new level, and we will become key managers, administrators of your account!

Integration of the online store with trading platforms.


Today we have many large stores and distribution channels where our products can be purchased: Amazon, eBay, Walmart, Google Shopping, Yandex Market, Facebook stores, Instagram stores, VK stores, Android applications, Facebook Messenger, etc. But how to manage this entire network? The way out is the ECWID app! In these services, it is possible to manage the entire network of stores from one control panel! We will make technical settings for you and take on further advertising of the company on the Internet.

Work with Google Analytics 360 (advanced analytics service for large enterprises).

Accurate digital analysis

With Google Analytics premium, your team can access advanced tools, BigQuery Export, Display & Video 360 reporting integration, Display & Video 360 remarketing integration,  Search Ads 360 integration, Features with non-standard data processing, Custom Funnels, Unsampled Reports, and Data-Driven Attribution! Google Analytics premium also includes a service level agreement! Which covers data collection, data relevance, reporting and more! We believe investments in the Analytics 360 service will pay off in the very near future and will work for you for many years!

Editing, improving an existing site.

Website Improvement

Today there are thousands of great sites: jp morgan chase, samsung, wellsfargo, att, and many more! But alas, the greater the choice before the client, the less likely that he will pay attention to your resource and become your client! So today it’s not enough to create a one-page website (more than a million websites are created per day) to gain respect from Google, Yahoo, Bing, Yandex, Baidu and take a high position in Alexa ratings! Which will help increase customer confidence! We believe that our mind is enough to add new unique content to your site, introduce useful features, edit codes and achieve higher Alexa ratings!

Consulting and evaluating the work of your IT department.

Consultations and evaluation of the IT department of the company

This is not the first day we have been doing Internet business and over the years we have gained some knowledge about digital advertising, digital analytics, CMS of the most popular platforms in the world, the laws of the Internet, getting results from work, the problems that Internet entrepreneurs face, the ways of finding highly qualified specialists who can do a lot, ways to find the money for business development and much more! We believe that we can give consultations that will benefit and help your business grow faster (Amazon, Facebook began to receive money, after 7 and 5 years of the company's existence, the first 5-7 years they existed and developed the business with investor money), and But we will be able to adequately assess the work done by your IT department if the work they perform is included in our area of ​​competence.

Working with the campaign manager platform.

Working with the campaign manager

Campaign Manager is a platform, part of the Google Marketing Platform products, for managing digital advertising campaigns on websites and mobile devices! You will need it to plan all aspects of buying advertising space on sites, as well as using advertising creatives: HTML5 banners (they have complex effects), GIF, JPG files, Google Web Designer and other advanced creative tools for creating competitive advertising leading to business development!

Working with Google Web Designer.

Google Web Designer

With the help of Google Web Designer, you can create attractive interactive ads in HTML5 and AMP HTML format (loads quickly on any site, not just AMP pages and is checked for the absence of malicious code, more secure than regular ads) , work with fast and advanced animation modes, create custom creative formats for the Display & Video 360 tool, and more!

Launching ads in Search Ads 360.

Search Ads 360

Has your company become transnational ?! It's time to scale your advertising activity to all the most popular search engines in the world: Bing, Baidu, Yahoo, ASK, AOL, DuckDuckGo, Naver, Seznam, Ecosia, Rambler, Yandex, and so on! With Search Ads 360, you can 1 scale automation across a number of routine processes 2 make decisions based on real-time data from machine learning 3 Use a business data tool 4 Use unified statistics to offer customers a more personalized experience and much more!

Working with Google Ads Manager.

Google Ad Manager

With the help of Google Ad Manager, we can: 1 monitor the quality of our online advertising, 2 analyze traffic, generate reports and make predictions about future advertising activities, 3 automate inventory management, 4 create ad files, inventory and advertising campaigns, 5 set up an ad network, 6 manage your ads with protections and rules! With Google Ad Manager, we can increase ad revenue and protect ads from attackers!

Working with Google service for authorized buyers.

Authorized Buyers

By participating in the Authorized Buyer Program, you gain access to the global inventory of Google partners! Google Partner Inventory is the world's largest collection of trusted resources for brands! By becoming an Authorized Buyer, you can: take part in private auctions and receive inventory after guaranteed algorithmic deals, purchase ad space at open auctions, and negotiate priority deals with publishers! By smartly managing your Google inventory, you can increase your ad revenue across millions of websites and apps!

App monetization in Google AdMob.

App monetization in AdMod

AdMob is the perfect tool for app monetization by: 1 placing ads in apps, 2 implementing a premium version of the app, 3 adding ecommerce, 4 creating a subscription or limited free version of the app, 5 selling digital goods in the app, or using a mixed advertising and in-app purchase model! Using industry-leading mediation and open bidding technology, your business can remain competitive in today's world!

Creation of video ads for YouTube, social networks, and the contextual media network.

Video editing

Today there is nothing difficult in creating video ads, you don't even need to have a video camera or content! If you have a basic plan of the Wix platform using a video maker you can create a similar video ad 1 2 = d4soSQjkfdo 3 4 Naturally, using the premium plan Ascend wix 30 $ per month you can shoot more complex commercials having more features! You will be able to promote these videos on YouTube, social networks, and the Google Display Network (the two million most visited sites, videos and applications on the Internet).

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