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Security of cooperation with Internet companies!

All the contacts that you see on the site: email, social network accounts, instant messengers, skype connection are personally controlled by the owner of the WhiteWert brand Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin and is checked daily for messages from you. Having contacted the WhiteWert brand through the contacts indicated on the website, you do not risk: getting in touch with a third-party person not related to WhiteWert, negotiating with departments not competent in a particular segment of the Internet economy, which is written about on the website, WhiteWert never requires from your payments in advance of this or that amount of money (you do not risk paying for two years of work of WhiteWert specialists, and specialists will work for only 7 hours), WhiteWert always provides you with reports on what work has been done so that you can to consult with colleagues and at major programming forums about the correctness of what WhiteWert does and the approximate price range of these or those services, Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin is considering the possibility of concluding a legal contract with you if the contract is found by competent WhiteWert lawyers! All of the above makes your interaction with WhiteWert completely safe, with the exception of gaps in the knowledge of Internet technologies by WhiteWert specialists, which you are likely to identify if you consult on the work done by WhiteWert with people with the highest statuses on (Microsoft property, the largest social network of programmers) and (the largest forum of programmers, the 61 most visited website in the world)! As you can see, interaction with Internet companies is more transparent than ever!

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