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Information for investors

Opportunities for investing in the development of WhiteWert's business, and then in all businesses that WhiteWert is working on to develop

Thank you for your interest in investing in WhiteWert web studio! Today, investments, stocks are an integral part of the functioning of almost any successful company: Microsoft, Google, Facebook, Apple, Amazon, Oracle, and other major holdings of the planet place their shares on several stock exchanges at once, this also increases the reliability of the company’s activities by third-party services and compliance with European quality standards! Unfortunately today we do not meet the minimum requirements for placing our company shares on Nasdaq, NYSE, or another stock exchange located in the zone of our interests and do not have the right to accept investments from you, but you can still help our site become better by buying Wix shares on Nasdaq (the platform on which our site is located)! The more money Wix has (one hundred and seventy-eighth most visited website in the world), the more modern technologies they can buy and rent, the better our site located on their platform will work and it will be able to find, more people leading business useful for the global economy! You can find out more information about investing in Wix directly from their official guide located at! It is on the Internet today that people find out information about the world and come to the conclusion of ordering services and purchasing goods! It is imperative that people find highly useful sites that are tightly regulated by the largest, most reliable companies, like Wix! We will also do everything possible so that in the near future you will have the opportunity to invest money in the development of WhiteWert’s business directly! Together we can make the Internet much more useful and effective than it is today! Sincerely, Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin Director WhiteWert

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