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People who gave us work on interesting, diverse, profitable projects. Thank you for being there!


“I am glad that WhiteWert is taking money, not for advertising on Google Inc networks, but for the results! And WhiteWert offers to send reports on their work to Google Inc and the official Google Advertising Forum, so I’m sure that the work is being done professionally. As they say, one head is good, and two is better! I can be relatively calm that the advertising budget of the company is not wasted on ads with a lack of 90% of the settings. "
Emer Timmons Independent Non-Executive Director of Flutter Entertainment.

“I did not know where, how should I advertise my construction company? After all, I trust the company and specialists, the most valuable and important thing for my business is the search for clients who bring me money! Thanks to WhiteWert, I learned that it’s not at all necessary to be limited to one Google advertising account, one specialist (which may not be the most professional)! And I will get a lot less money! I can make a network of Google advertising accounts managed by different specialists, companies, and I can compare the results of their work with each other (how many calls to the company, how many appointments, how many sales, after spending this or that amount of money). What kind of people should I raise on a career ladder, and which to dismiss from my company. As they say, "The strongest survives in this world!"
Mikhail Matashov, Director of Supremestone.

 “I am glad that WhiteWert understands that our world is not only inventions that have exceeded all expectations, but also unsuccessful copies. And my company’s advertising should be placed on completely different Internet networks, with different settings, because you never know which advertising networks will be the most useful and effective in the case of your type of business. And I absolutely do not want to read the report in Forbs magazine 30 years later, "Companies using commodity chains received the most phenomenal income from advertising, and the media network failed!" and I used tol just her."
Karl Letnykh Chief Operating Officer of Ukit group.

“My business is at the very beginning of my journey, and I'm not ready to spend millions, and billions, on promoting my business on the Internet. I was glad to learn from whitewert that it’s not necessary to advance on the Internet by investing money! There are a number of free development methods for businesses such as search console, Sitemap files, JOSN-LD markup, Google Analytics service, ranking sites in search results (the higher the quality of the site, the higher it is in search engines), interaction with companies from the very top of the Alexa ranking, etc."
Sergey Sokolov Director of Avtoraityt Online Store.

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