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Sites useful to any Internet entrepreneur!

1 The Most Influential Digital Analyst on the Planet Justin Cutroni

2 Krista Seiden is a leading specialist in digital analytics, also a teacher on the Google Analytics Academy! You can send her an offer to digitally analyze your website on her personal website

3 Ashish Vij Senior Analytics 360 Specialist for Google’s Most Valuable Customers! Actively maintains a Twitter account probably you can find a lot of useful information in the information that he shares with the world!

4 Personal website of the creator of WordPress (the most popular platform in the world for hosting sites on the Internet with clients like: UPS, IBM, Spotify, Time and other large holdings) Matt Mullenweg

5 The world's largest social network of programmers

6 The world's largest forum for programmers You can ask questions about the correctness of the codes of your site and firmly discuss the answers of consultants with the highest reputation, as well as look for experienced employees.

7,, the largest Internet platforms in the world for creating sites! On them are both small enterprises and the largest holdings of the planet!

8 is the largest knowledge base in the world by counting response ratings (which answers are more useful?)! Most likely you can learn a lot about your type of business on quora.

9 Advertising agencies approved by Google itself! With both regular and premium status (you may need them if you decide not to limit yourself to our efforts in an attempt to get highly solvent customers!) Https:// =et&

10 Premium partners of the WordPress platform (you may need them if you change your mind to order a site development from us) and WIX arena (talented programmers with different WIX ratings)

11 Google Sales Team, to accelerate business development

12 Real ratings of sites on the Internet, with whom I partner Alexa rating does not match the company’s place in the Forbs 2000 list

14 From other sections of the site, you probably understood "the site requires a lot of cash investment before it starts to make a profit!", But where to get this money? Probably the largest investment companies on our planet will be useful to you! As you can see from the information on their websites, much work with the entire planet, and not just with the country where the company’s head office is located! 1

15 The Advertising Hall of Fame, managed by the American Federation of Advertising, about people, advertising agencies who have made the largest contribution to the development of advertising

16 Who is more trusted by companies whose advertising services are used more often, who should I pay so that this money is not thrown to the wind?

17 The largest community of all kinds of IT professionals in our world (the largest freelance exchange in the world), (Large companies offer to search for professionals on this freelance exchange: WordPress, Facebook, and others!)

18 If you are a small business and your employees do not believe that you will pay them 1% or 10% of the company's income, if the business will develop and their work will not be useless, you will need the largest US OTC market and registering shares with the Securities and Exchange Commission like! By issuing shares of the company, you can give the most trusted and useful employees a part of the company's shares and attract investments from individuals who see prospects in investing money in your segment of the economy!

19 W3C The World Wide Web Consortium led by Tim Berners-Lee ( creator of the Internet ) and Jeffrey Jaffe ( one of the most influential people in IT ) invites you to become a member of the worldwide Membership consortium - W3C, which gives you a number of benefits, including access to advanced technology development of your business on the Internet, we believe this will have an extremely positive effect on the development of your business!

20 Nasdaq Subsidiary Market for Small and Medium Enterprises Promising High Investor Interest Nasdaq Capital Raising & Access Solutions 2 How to Get Listed on Nasdaq | Listing Process & Requirements 3 Listing Center ( and the world's largest stock exchange NYSE, which also promises to welcome small companies into its ranks Ways to List on the NYSE | Listings - NYSE We Think They Can Bring You The Money You Need To Grow Your Business And The Global Economy!

Discussion of the most promising sites on the Internet
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