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Subsidiary markets of Nasdaq and NYSE for placement of small and medium-sized companies!

Using the example of Facebook and Amazon, it became clear to us that we need an infinite amount of money to make our site self-supporting and profitable! But where can you get so much money and not completely lose control over the company? On the examples of Microsoft, Apple, Google, Oracle and other large holdings, only by joining the stock markets and better by the largest and most reliably regulated flourishing countries, like the United States, since an investor is much more interesting to invest in structures where their investments are highly protected from deception by the company! In fact, in order to list shares on these sites after they are issued on, you will need the following links for Nasdaq First North 1 2 3 for the world's largest stock exchange NYSE 1 2 I believe you can raise the necessary amount of money to grow your business with the help of these stock exchanges if you can learn how to use them correctly!


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