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Websites created by us.

Websites created by WhiteWert and promoted on the Internet by the efforts of WhiteWert employees

It is much easier to judge the advisability of cooperation with a company based on the results of work on the clients' resources than with your own resource and its achievements. Unlike advertising, which has a little visible component and an infinite amount of technical component that a client cannot see when ordering from WhiteWert the promotion of his resource, resources or their analytics in Google Analytics or the advanced Google Analytics 360 service for large enterprises, when the client orders to create a website, sites the customer sees most of the visible component and its quality! Therefore, we decided to publish here sites that we created from scratch, and did not make small adjustments to sites created 10 years ago and successfully operating in the market or the international market, thanks to the Internet, even small companies can enter the world market and look for employees and partners in other countries, as did the cleaning startup we created Woklend, and plan to make the sites that we are currently completing Superuborka, AvtoraitytFoodGrowingMachines, CriminalLawyer, Tapllink, Tenvud, and Leplend did. We believe that in the near future there will be many more sites that we have created from scratch and continue to help these companies develop successfully on the Internet, especially since such sites are created in 30-40 hours, cost $ 100 for two years of use, and provide a bonus $ 80-120 for advertising costs, a free domain for a year, free registration of a logo for commercial use, a discount on premium applications for another $ 50-100 and other benefits of the Internet that allow a business that has just entered the Internet to develop cheaper and faster!

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