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How to identify the quality of the site I'm on and whose services I want to order?

I have already come across two people who have put my site on the black list, because they do not like its design (today, the site design is created automatically on WordPress or Wix platforms when creating a site template and says little about the professionalism of a person or group of people behind this or that automatically generated site!). To try to identify the professionalism of this or that person, you can 1 find out the place of the site in the rating of Alexa 2 find out the number of gold, premium awards issued by large holdings to the owner of this or this site (mega premium awards are not given to all people) 3 Find out to whose Google Ads accounts, Google Analytics, wordpress or wix connected the owner of the site with which you plan to start cooperation (as they say "tell us who your friends are, and we will tell you who you are!") the larger the campaign, the more attentive it is to what kind of people it has to deal with , and with which it is not worth it. There seems to be no other adequate methods for checking the professionalism of this or that company (if a person received a large inheritance and bought an expensive office in the city center, this does not indicate a high level of competence of the specialists of this company)

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