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How do large companies start building self-written websites?

Yes, large holdings like Microsoft, Apple, Facebook often program sites themselves and do not host them on ready-made CMS engines like WordPress, Wix, and the like, although WordPress hosts a number of holdings with Fortuna 500 and even the White House website Self-written sites begin with design, usually in the world's most popular graphics editor, Adobe Photoshop 1 2, then on their basis markup is done in Html, CSS, and then programming in programming languages ​​about which I know infinitely little, so I think the post can be finished, but remember a programmer like Mark Zuckerberg you can search all your life, therefore, in parallel with a self-written site started with Adobe, I highly recommend making sites on ready-made CMS, and preferably several at once, like WordPress, Wix, Squarespace, Shopify, since it is not known which of the programmers will be more talented and will be able to make a high-quality resource, which will bring you rich clients (Microsoft has many projects, and only a few units of Linkedin, Skype, Microsoft Edge, Bing, GitHub, and so on) have become profitable! You can always entrust one of your projects to me!

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