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The main mistake in improving the site?

Very often I come across the fact that for weeks and months you redo the main page of the site so that it looks more effective and contains better and more interesting content for the user! At this time, Google usually writes in its manuals that it appreciates sites where new content is constantly appearing (new pages with new information and editing the same page are two different things! Try wandering around sites like Microsoft, Oracle, Apple they contain infinitely much information), functions and the site are developing (you add new tools, and do not reinstall the same chat 15 times), when you study the stories of microsoft, google, facebook, you can see that they own a whole network of sites (apparently progressing by managing only one domain is not possible today)! I highly recommend that you use efforts to create new brands, sites (it’s hard to say which brand will be loved more and it will become more profitable than others) that act on behalf of your parent organization, site!

View of the modern site!
How many languages ​​does the site need?

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