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Road to conversion

Our site exists to achieve conversion (the person who called, wrote to our company, placed an order for our services, bought our product). Today this path has become longer than it was 15 years ago, as there is high competition and many low-quality offers. In order to achieve a large number of conversions, you will have to not only create a complex site like microsoft, facebook, google, but also carefully monitor the user’s path (after interacting with which page the user made a purchase? Who created the most pages after which the customer made a purchase? Who created the pages that appear more often in search results and are visited by customers?). Based on these statistics, it becomes clearer who better to trust filling the site with new information, what is important for your customers in the first place and how to develop the site further?

When a user makes a purchase, a service order, what information does he interact with before making a purchase?
Conversion path

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