Questions about creating sites.

Who is creating my site? Where are the guarantees that it will be of high quality, the same as google.com, facebook.com, baidu.com?

WhiteWert owner Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin will start creating your site (100-150 thousand programmers work on sites like google, microsoft!). If your business develops, thousands of specialists will also deal with your site! Today there are over a billion sites and hundreds of thousands of new sites are created every day! Naturally, WhiteWert will not be able to give you guarantees that your site will flourish, like Microsoft or Amazon! Moreover, it largely depends on you: how much your offers are demanded in the countries where you offer them (you can be in Switzerland and offer laundry services in Australia, since there is a connection with people involved in physical points: shops, factories, collective farms, hotels and so on), how good you are in your business (WhiteWert will not be able to list all your merits, achievements, advantages over competitors, uniqueness of offers, prices and more, since WhiteWert is not an expert in your profession!). Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Safari, Yandex and others will begin to respect your site only after there is a huge amount of unique content on it: texts, photos, videos, audio materials, documents and so on, and not content stolen from other sites! Otherwise, the rank of your site will fall all the time and fewer people will find it in search engines, your legal literacy (your company will not be closed for serious violations of Internet laws), your literacy of managing your company’s budget (there are millions of companies on the Internet, with extremely questionable ratings, offering their services at prices ten times higher than the cost of services of companies with premium Google status or wordpress gold medals and so on), how much money you agree to invest in the development of your site and (the formation of facebook.com began with the fact that Mark Zuckerberg spent money on business deferred for training at Harvard, then 500 thousand dollars received from investors, then 15 million dollars received from Peter Thiel, then 100 million dollars received from the trust fund, and then we saw facebook with a net annual income of more than $ 20 billion! Yes, the Internet is developing and the threshold of self-sufficiency of the websites is constantly decreasing! But it is not equal to investing $ 100!), Your ability to find a common language with the heads of other large corporations (today any large holding company cooperates with an army of other large holdings), as you can see, not everything in the development of your online business depends on WhiteWert specialists!

How many sites and in how many languages ​​should I have in order for my business to successfully develop on the Internet?

It’s hard to give exact numbers all the major holdings google, facebook, paypal and others have translated their sites into 30-100 languages ​​and have hundreds of subsidiaries, sites! You never know which website will bring more money in 5-10 years, so you really do not want to confine all your hopes to one particular site, which is likely to sink in a few years! Therefore, I highly recommend that you try to create a large network, and not limit yourself to a one-page site.

How many pages should be on my site?

Small sites are sites with less than 500 pages, medium sites (more promotion tools are available on them, such as url parameters, for example) are sites from 1000 pages, large sites like microsoft, google, facebook (God only knows how many pages there are, how many redirects to subsidiary sites owned by the parent company and so on), also according to Forbs and Google articles on the site page there should be 600-700 words! Sites containing less than 300 words per page are considered thin and their ranking in search engines is lower than meaningful, large sites!

Should my site be hosted on the world famous wix or wordpress platforms, or is it better to write a site without the participation of platforms?

If geniuses like Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Page and others are engaged in your site, then you need to write the site yourself, sites like Microsoft, Google, Apple were created independently, and not hosted on the platforms of other companies that may have a different political regime in relation to use of programming languages ​​and their combinations than the parent company, if your headquarters does not have geniuses, create a website or websites (holding companies have dozens and hundreds of websites, apparently in our times you cannot flourish using only one brand) on one of the most popular platforms in the world wordpress.com or wix.com 60 and 178 is the most visited site in the world, and it is better to create at least 2 sites, one on wix, and the second on wordpress, since there is a high probability that you or your hired specialists will not be able to use all the possibilities of a more complex one managing wordpress or wix better than wordpress, despite the fact that wix is ​​lower in the ratings than wordpress! After all, wix recommends using Google and facebook, and that means a lot!

How often should new content appear on my site and how often should work be done to improve my site?

Judging by the fact that Microsoft, Facebook, Google have hundreds of thousands of specialists, the work must be done every day! Judging by the fact that Bill Gates said "if Microsoft leaves 20 key people Microsoft can be shut down!" finding good specialists will be harder than you want! We ourselves often run into a dead end, what information should be placed on the site, how to improve the site, what is more important and what can be postponed until the next year, a lot of time is spent not on work, but on trying to understand where to move on, unfortunately on the Internet without it anywhere! Therefore, it is extremely difficult to say how many hours we can spend on your business, website, how many strategies for the development of your website we can come up with, time will give answers to these questions if you decide to cooperate with us!

Questions about advertising your sites.

I want to order advertising for my website, business from the Internet company WhiteWert! How can I pay for these services and check their quality?

With the correct configuration of conversion tracking tags, we will be able to track the actions of users on your site, when customers go to the site using the advertising created by WhiteWert: online sales, calls to numbers in advertisements, clicking on a phone number on the mobile version of the site, calls to numbers on the company’s website, filling out web forms, downloading applications, making purchases in the application, clicking buttons on the site, subscribing to newsletters, tracking offline conversions: visiting physical stores, ordering by phone https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/2998031 based on these indicators and a number of indicators in your Google Analytics, Analytics 360 account, you can calculate WhiteWert’s work efficiency. As for WhiteWert’s remuneration, if Google promotes Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin to the position of manager, then remuneration will be directly paid by Google in the form of a percentage of your advertising spend on Google! Until this happens, you need to look for a common language about the cost of rendering WhiteWert services and that is why it is extremely important that you be registered as a WhiteWert client on Google systems!

How much should I spend money on advertising so that my business progresses in the event of a decent quality of my site and the competitiveness of my offer?

Without exception, all the largest holdings on the planet spend at least 10% of the money, and often 50% of the money, on advertising their sites! Since, unlike Walmart, Saudi Aramco, Visa, few people know you and few trust you, I'm afraid you will have to spend 80% of your company's net annual income on advertising. Although, if you can access a large number of Google Analytics accounts of competing companies, you will get very valuable statistics (75% of sales when clicking on advertisements occur on weekends in the morning, 65% of sales occur in the Chrome browser, profit from IOS operating system is 20% more than the profits from Android, people working in the banking segment of the economy account for 25% of customers, and builders less than 1%, and so on.) By adjusting advertising for the most valuable audience, you can speed up the process of self-sustainability and and profit!

How many advertising specialists do I need for my business to develop successfully?

It’s hard to tell exact numbers Google, for example, has at least 4 creative directors in the USA, directors for advertising on YouTube in Brazil and directors for advertising in Australia (in other countries, especially highly developed ones, Google probably also has directors and their assistants) . Apparently today, it is extremely risky to place all hopes on one particular person! Therefore, companies trust the specialist in a very limited region in which they conduct activities and compare the results of the specialist’s work with the results of the work of specialists from other regions and decide on the feasibility of further cooperation and building business relationships!

When should Internet advertising begin to give high results, if it is properly configured?

As for brand recognition by people, it will take 2-5 years! As for users who heard about you for the first time from advertisements on the Internet and came to your site, “today the user’s path to conversion is increasing all the time (people visit more pages of your site, collect more information on the Internet about your business before making a purchase, ordering services ), there is plenty to choose from, I want to weigh the pros and cons before deciding to invest money, maybe not small! ", as you see this type of visitors, very much depends on the quantity and quality of content on your site, and not just the efforts of advertising specialists, so do not rush to refuse to cooperate with an advertising specialist, since you have few conversions on the resource! It is better to entrust the company’s advertising activities to a large number of specialists in order to try to compare the results of their work with each other.

How much time does WhiteWert spend on my order?

How much time will Stanislav, WhiteWert spend on working on my order? After all, they may have another thousand customers!

It is very common that you try to evaluate the quality of WhiteWert work by the number of buttons pressed for an hour or the amount of time spent behind the monitor! In order to understand the fallacy of this technique, it’s enough to either compare how much Joseph Bezos earns per day, and how much is your richest friend or to compare the profits made by the companies that spent on advertising, the most, big money https://www.businessinsider.com/10-biggest-advertising-spenders-in-the-us-2015-7?r=US&IR=T! As you can see, some spend 2-3 times less, and get 3-4 times more! We will not talk about brands that are not in the top ten of Apple, Microsoft, ICBC (they have the most record revenues)! There will be months when 1 hour will be spent on you! But it will be spent on connecting a new, complex system that we were able to master after two years of study, and not changing words in the most unprofitable ad, which did not bring profit, for your whole life!

What exactly in the case of an order will WhiteWert, Stanislav do? And can I do this work so as not to share money with someone?

Science does not stand still friends, and we always learn something new in the process of work, training at Google Skillshop, about site building, digital advertising, digital analytics, the laws of the Internet, working methods that paid off and made a profit, methods that have failed and based on the experience gained, we begin to introduce other applications and advertising methods into your projects, we look differently at problems in your digital analytics account and ways to solve them, and then! Actually, based on all of the above, we ourselves don’t know what exactly we will implement in your project tomorrow, and the results of the experiments turn out to be different and often a lot has to be adjusted, redone, since the results turn out to be different from what was originally supposed! If you follow the news of companies like Bank of America, Shell, ICBC, you yourself probably know that sometimes experiments turn out to be successful and they get billions, and sometimes fail, unfortunately no one is safe from this! You can only try to reduce the risks by resorting to the services of more qualified specialists, companies with higher ratings, to hire more star specialists, to purchase equipment of larger companies. Can you cope without us, I must admit the question is infinitely pointless, since you cannot find companies with a net income of $ 30 billion and a staff of 5 people (less than 60 thousand people in such enterprises are not often found), another question, "what can WhiteWert benefit and how much should I pay for it?". The question is undeniably complicated! You can very carefully analyze the reports sent by WhiteWert about the work done! Analyze activity in Google Ads, Google Analytics accounts (if it is transparent), look at improving results in the Search Console panel, study the sites of the largest competitors in the world and try to understand how your resource falls short of their quality, international standards, attractiveness for users! And try to come to a logical decision: “Are WhiteWert money transfers worthy?”, “How high is the quality of WhiteWert services?”, “How irreplaceable are the technologies that WhiteWert is introducing into my business?”, “Should I believe Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin?". In the case of positive answers, finding a common language, it is quite possible that we can build a long-lasting cooperation!

There are 9 Gold WordPress affiliates on the Internet and a couple of hundred ad affiliates with Google Partner Premier status! I don’t want second-rate companies, specialists dealing with my company’s issues, how can I identify the most talented of these institutions?

The question is undeniably good! That in this case, we can advise you to contact Matt Mullenweg (creator and owner of WordPress) directly on his personal website https://ma.tt/ or Mark Tluszcz and Avishai Abrahami, (owners of WIX) with the question "what institution is the most talented today?" or invest as much money as possible in one of the premium institutions, so that the owner of the institution, and not his less qualified colleagues, dealt with the issues of your resource as often as possible! If, however, you are at the stage of ordering advertising services, then everything is much more complicated, since the number of premium establishments is increasing dramatically! In this case, we also recommend that you invest as much money as possible in the institution (so that the owners of these institutions are interested in you), subordinate the advertising account to the maximum number of Google management accounts (to date, the account is subordinate to 6 other accounts!), And compare the results of the created advertising campaigns between these institutions for 4-5 months (such an interval of time is used by ebay.com to decide "block a bad seller?", "continue business cooperation with an employee?"), after 5 months break off cooperation with the weakest institution and connect a new institution, first of all contact the institutions located in San Jose (called the capital of the silicon valley), here are the head offices of Microsoft, Google, Ebay, Apple and it is silicon valley that accounts for, a third of the venture capital the investment that is being made in the United States of America! Consequently, the most talented specialists are most likely to be here! As for us, even though we do not yet have premium Google status and the highest rating in Wix Arena, do not forget to connect us! Perhaps the problem lies, not in the gaps in our skills, but at a younger age of our institution and less experience with our director Stanislav Stanislavovich Velikoredchanin!

Why does WhiteWert, Stanislav not want to deal only with my order?

When working on your orders, we encounter the following lists of problems that cast doubt on the desirability of our cooperation: we don’t like your business, business model, we no longer believe in the importance of your business in the global economic development chain, we no longer believe that the country is which you do business, will allow, will be able to help your business grow, has the necessary resources, so that your business becomes a full-fledged link in the global economy, and not a manufacturer of services that help destroy the world, we don’t we stopped to benefit your business (what we create is being destroyed because you, your top managers, analysts, scientists do not like it), we no longer believe that we can handle your order (you are at a very mature stage of doing business and are interested in working in services that we don’t understand and are not able to understand), if we deal only with issues of your company, the political regime starts to go against the political regime established by Google https://support.google.com/google-ads/answer/9029203?hl=en or Wix https://www.wix.com/marketplace, this is leads to the loss of WhiteWert’s access to a number of technologies that we need to develop your business and, since the largest holdings on the planet have come to the conclusion, it is not advisable to concentrate the specialist’s attention only on one company, since this business is similar to medicine ( if you do not have caries, why drill completely healthy teeth? There is no reason for our continuous intervention in the automatic processes of Google, Wix or WordPress), your business takes much more nerves (you are a highly conflicted person, a person with a completely different approach to doing business) than we find acceptable, dealing with issues, only your company WhiteWert has the risk that in the process of business development you change your mind to give us the promised 3% of the company's revenue or 30% of the profit that the advertising we create brings you, you will reject the models that we are trying to use in your business Yes, you no longer appreciate the value of our inventions, the amount of money that you send to us is much less, the amount of money that other companies send (and we all exist for money!). It is on the problems listed above that it is extremely unlikely that we will refuse, from all our clients, in the direction of your project. We hope for your reasonableness and understanding.

Can I control how much time Stanislav, WhiteWert spends on my order?

Yes, there are various services that allow you to record the time that I spent in your accounts on the platform on which your site was created or Google Ads, Analytics, Search Console and other Google services used to develop your business, but in this case the results should not be measured by the amount of time carried out at the monitor, but the literacy of the actions performed and the results achieved! Unfortunately, this is much more difficult than you want! The site you are on has only three regular customers with a small business, and not dozens of major holdings like Microsoft, Facebook, Apple and others.

Questions regarding the types of cooperation with WhiteWert.

Where are the guarantees that WhiteWert won't fool me? How can I get a refund in case of fraud?

Internet space can be highly secure if you know how to use it correctly! And you know how to assert your rights on the Internet! Whitewert.com is located on the wix.com platform, which is listed on the Nasdaq New York Stock Exchange for high-tech companies whose reliability is beyond doubt! With any complaints regarding interaction with the whitewert website, you can contact wix.com directly! Or, if you think that they will not be able to process your request as competently as possible, contact Google https://support.google.com/legal/troubleshooter/1114905?hl=en, W3C World Wide Web Consortium https://www.w3.org/ or write to Internet Director Tim Burns-Lee personally :) https://www.w3.org/People/Berners-Lee/

What will become of my site if WhiteWert, Stanislav, break off business relations with me?

Nothing will happen to him, even if you are completely disappointed in the Wix or WordPress platform! Since you can: transfer a site from one platform to another, from Wix to Squarespace or from WordPress to Shopify, connect thousands of programmers to the site, disconnect programmers with whom it was not possible to establish business relations, restore earlier versions of the site, as the new programmer broke half of the important functions of the site, transfer ownership of the site to people whom you find worthy of running your company and much more! The main thing is that you are the owner of the domain and the owner of the account in which your site is located! Otherwise, without finding a common language with you, the programmer can take your site away! And you will have to start from scratch to develop another site, no matter how much time, money, nerves you spent on someone else's resource (the owner of the domain name is the owner of the brand). We believe that we can protect you from problems if you break off relations with us or other hired programmers!

Why does WhiteWert consider working with me by installments, what is Stanislav’s benefit?

There are quite a few subtleties friends! After Stanislav created four sites in his own Wix account, Stanislav is automatically included in the list of Wix Arena specialists at https://www.wix.com/marketplace, where Stanislav’s services can be ordered by large holdings, with big money, since Wix is ​​an infinitely popular site! If Stanislav correctly draws you up as his client in ECWID https://www.ecwid.ru/webpartners, then he will receive 20% of the money from all your payments on the ECWID platform for life, regardless of whether you continue to work with Stanislav or not ! If the statistics of your Google advertising account managed by Stanislav is good, this allows Stanislav to get premium status https://www.google.com/intl/en_en/partners/about/, access to the Google team of specialists, the Google Summit, the gifted training center and advertising strategies invented by Google! And this increases the likelihood that a large holding will turn to Stanislav or Google itself will offer Stanislav an interesting, rich client, with infinitely useful business, for the global economy! Therefore, Stanislav, WhiteWert considers the most diverse models of cooperation with you!

What should I do if Stanislav, WhiteWert cannot turn my site into a large holding within a certain time interval?

Yes, friends, I must admit that the knowledge of each person in the world of digital advertising, CMS, programming, modern methods of developing a business on the Internet, the laws by which the Internet works, is extremely limited! Therefore, there is a high risk that the knowledge of people who are engaged in your resources is not enough to increase or achieve profit making by your resources! But in any case, you will not remain in the red if you know what you need to do next! Firstly, when the rating of your site grows, the interest on the part of professionals in their field increases! You can reflect this, as in the vacancy section on your website (our position in the Alexa ranking, profits recorded in a Google Analytics account, the number of expenses for developing a business in a Google Ads account or Facebook, Amazon accounts (the more the company spends on attracting VIP clients, the higher the likelihood that your employees are not working in vain), the real attendance of your resource recorded in your Search Console account, the number of sites linking to you, the rating of these sites (the higher the rating of sites linking to you, the higher the trust, respect for your his resource, the higher the ratio between the number of visitors to the site and people making conversions (if the site is good, then the number of conversions is higher), what is the speed of loading your site (the IT department understands the importance of responsiveness and is working to improve it), the session failure rate (how many you’re not able to satisfy customers), do you keep up to date (with how many modern services is your Google Ads account, Google Analytics connected with), did you know that search engines rank websites more often, depending on which ty in social networks (what is the status of your accounts: setting the number of posts, present written articles, the number of subscribers, account statistics, expenditure on advertising) and togdalee! Search for super stars on the most popular venues in the world: linkedin, github, indeed, upwork, fiverr (on Google with the first position in the Alexa rating, good employees apply more often than in companies that remain outside the Alexa rating). Secondly, applying for services in institutions with a premium status https://services.github.com/ (the largest social network of programmers in the world, property of Microsoft), institutions with a premium status Wordpress https://wpvip.com/partners/agency-partners/ or Google https://marketingplatform.google.com/about/partners/find-a-partner it is much more likely that your orders will be handled not by the fiftieth intern, the fifteenth junior assistant, but by a specialist with a higher status and skills! And the likelihood of poor quality services is sharply reduced! Thirdly, there is not only a way to continue doing business, which you may be tired of, but also its extremely profitable sale (much more expensive than the money, effort, time, nerves that were invested in it!). You don’t have to go far for examples. WhatsApp was bought by Facebook for almost $ 23 billion! Never forget there are millions of ways to stay in the black if you know what you need to do!

Why should I collaborate with the company remotely if I can hire a person in the office and be sure that he works all day, and not 5 minutes a day?

The world of Google technologies, as well as building sites, is actually a science! A person studies science for a year, and after making a discovery, he spends three hours to solve the formula, compose a complex code, mix the necessary substances and get the drug, introduce an ingenious model into business development, as China Construction Bank, Wells Fargo, ExxonMobil manages to do. If a person, a group of people responsible for the complex processes in the functioning of your sites and their development is in your office, then you pay 95% of the time when they learn working methods: "how, what, where, why, for what?" and 5% -1% of work processes when they come to a conclusion and implement something in your business (how much money do you overpay?), if you work with these people remotely, then you pay for the results of their work (if they are higher zero) or workflows: “we set the header tags”, “we made the markup of the site a marker”, “we set the sitemap files to secondary domains”, “we set up offline conversion tracking” and so on. Another thing is you need to publish the results of the work of your specialists in the largest communities of programmers in order to get advice from people with an extremely high rating of "what is done right, what is done wrong, what and how to improve?" 1 https://stackoverflow.com/ 2 https://github.com/ 3 https://www.codeproject.com/ 4 https://www.sitepoint.com/community/. As you can see, the work of programmers is not so difficult to check! Everything is solved in this world, with a competent approach and a certain tenacity!

Why doesn’t WhiteWert, Stanislav want to own the site of this or that business, register me as his employee and accept payment to his bank accounts, e-wallets, so that he can share less money with me?

There are a million nuances and laws in your business that we don’t know and do not understand, since we are not brokers, bankers, doctors, politicians, and so on! If we make Stanislav or any other WhiteWert employee the owner of your site, then in case of serious violations on your part, your clients, government agencies, Interpol will sue Stanislav, WhiteWert, which is the owner of your domain (website). That is why WhiteWert, Stanislav makes you the owner of your business and puts your payment methods and types of communication on the site! But if you are afraid of serious violations of Internet laws by WhiteWert, Stanislav, after which Internet regulators will transfer your case to law enforcement and you will have many unnecessary problems, you can contact the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) https://www.w3.org/, ICANN (domain name and IP address management corporation) https://www.icann.org/ with a request to make Stanislav, WhiteWert responsible for the work carried out on your site! Then, in case of serious violations of Internet laws on our part, you will have the necessary documents, correspondence with Internet regulators, which you can provide to the Internet authorities that make claims to you.

Is Stanislav considering the possibility of becoming a shareholder of my company with the payment of dividends once a year or less, if the board of shareholders decides, "we must invest the profits in the development of the business!"?

In depends on the size of your company, the country in wich your company is lokated, the type of shares that you agree to give to Stanislav, and a number of other factors. Under certain conditions, Stanislav agrees to receive a stake in your company and receive a salary in the form of dividend payments!

Questions about profit from the site.

What is the most important thing in the development of my site? How do I get Google to show my site as often as possible on the first page of the search (90% of user clicks are in the first five search positions)?

Judging by these Google articles, https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/7451184?hl=en Google, like all other search engines, is trying to provide users with the most useful, relevant content in order to maintain the usefulness and prestige of its search engine ! Therefore, in order for your site to appear more often on the first page, it needs to be filled all the time with unique, useful content for users, and not interchanged the same photo 70 times a day and monitor the high correctness of codes, so that various search scanners, bots can find information on your site, in general, and understand who to show it to (if you work incorrectly with a number of tools, you can remove 95% of the pages of your site from the search results).

When will the site become profitable and will I receive the first money?

It largely depends on you: 1 whether you do business competently (I am not able to make you pay for the most important Internet services) 2 the demand for your segment of the economy in our era 3 the ability to negotiate with investors and banks to get more money for business development. The largest holdings on the planet coped with this task at different times at Amazon for 7 years, Facebook for 5 years, Google for 3 years! They also managed to get different amounts of money for business development from Investors at the beginning of their journey (the more competent your business model, the higher the likelihood that investors will agree to give a large amount of money for its development!). These figures can vary greatly for small projects: hairdresser, shoe shop, car wash, pawnshop and others.

Can I place contacts of my friends located in other cities and countries on my website so that my brand looks more global in the eyes of customers?

Amazon currently has $ 78 billion in debt, Microsoft $ 66 billion in debt, and Oracle $ 58 billion in debt. Admittedly, running a business is harder than you want! In connection with the current economic situation in the world, I believe that it is extremely important to combine efforts with partners from other cities and countries! Moreover, you can track 100% of messages, calls on your site, and then contact customers in another country and ask questions: "were you satisfied with the interaction with our unit, for example, in Sweden?", "Did you have any difficulties with placing the order? (so you can find out if the client in Sweden ordered a house roof change or car painting, if payment for services is not provided, through your website, after which you send part of the money to your partner in Sweden, who speaks on behalf of your brand)", "Can we help you with something else or provide more complete information about the types of services we provide? (So you can try to agree on a larger order with a client from Sweden if your partner in Sweden was unable to do this)". All this is implemented on your site and does not require additional investment!

Even Amazon began to make a profit in the seventh year of the company’s existence and in the first years of its operation Amazon lost $ 500 million! Where can I get enough money so that my business does not go out of business after 5 years of hard work?

Good question friends! Having spent a lot of time negotiating with banks, investment companies, investors, you may not get money to develop your business! To increase the likelihood of receiving them, I recommend that you start negotiations with the largest investment companies on the planet! They are able to adequately assess your business plan, the state of the company and the prospects for its further development on the Internet and will most likely give you money if you are actually a highly intelligent entrepreneur 1 investment banks 2 Asset Management Firms

Questions about legal documents.

What documents do I need to have in order to become the owner of the site and start promoting my business on the Internet?

To purchase a domain of any country, you will need a passport of a citizen of any country, to create a site and connect it to search engines you also need a passport of a citizen of any country! In the uncertain future, Google, W3C, ICANN may be interested in the existence of legal documents with you, so if you are a small business you do not need to spend money and time on buying, renting an office, legalizing and so on. And when you connect us to your Google advertising account, WordPress, Wix, you usually appear in the role of our customers, and therefore do not have to register us legally or your sites are created in our accounts (so that Google, WordPress, Wix pay us money from your money deductions to these services, if we have a high enough rating to receive them), then you are also not able to legally register us, since activities are carried out in our accounts, which are not your property and are not in your physical and legally of control, and therefore you are not the person responsible for the account 1123-4316-8090 in which the infringement committed Internet laws! All claims are filed either to the account holder or to the company in which it is located.

Questions about problems doing business online.

Is it safe to conduct an online business, how can I increase my security?

In this case, we can give you three tips! 1 Buy domains in the zone com (American zone), then all the lawsuits of your site will be resolved in US courts, which are clean from corruption! 2 Complaints can only be made to your site, only Internet regulators (Google, ICANN, W3C), if Seryozha, Petya, Vanya writes to you on your social network account or messenger, these are scammers! So you can always ask Google, ICANN, W3C "the email that arrived in the mail on April 25, 2020 did your appeal or cybercriminals find a way to disguise their letters?" (After all, it’s on Google that 50% of hacker attacks in the world are targeted!). 3 Try to use the services of world famous companies, as they deal with big money and spend fortunes to protect their and your business from various unauthorized attacks and their consequences!

What are the most serious difficulties I may encounter when working with my IT department?

1 Having published the work of an IT specialist in one of the largest forums of programmers like https://stackoverflow.com/ you got a consultation from a forum member with 20 years of experience who owns a large IT office in Los Angeles that your specialist did not correctly compose the simplest algorithms! And your specialist with programming experience of half a year and the absence of his own authoritative site claims "I correctly composed the most complicated algorithms, and it costs a fortune!". 2 Having published the works of your IT specialist at the largest forum of programmers, you also received a consultation from a very experienced forum member "This is done correctly! This is done in 5 minutes and is an elementary technology!", Your specialist still wants to get a fortune for it! 3 Experienced forum users are not interested in checking the work of your IT specialist, since they are focused on what is happening in large holdings, and you yourself are not able to check the specialist, since you are extremely limited in programming knowledge. 4 Specialists, like you, are chasing big money and if they have high statuses, a lot of skills, then they work only with large corporations that are willing to make large payments of money, which not all enterprises can afford. 5 Companies very often want lightning fast results! When the first results, as you can see from the picture, very often appear, after 4-12 months! Therefore, companies often resort to the services of specialists involved in black SEO (illegal), which leads to a short-term positive effect! After which your site can even get into the ban of Google and other search engines for the rest of your life! 6 It must be admitted that companies, to the best of their business and country of residence, receive a client from completely different systems! In the case of your business, YouTube for example may not be of any use! Therefore, we must look at the world wider and constantly test new directions in the search for the most effective and profitable! And remember that Joseph Bezos, in times of lack of competition in the market, in 1995 began the ascent of Amazon with 300 thousand dollars! Never put an end to the advertising channel, after investing in it a couple of tens of thousands of dollars, especially if the value of your proposal starts with 5 million and involves bringing friends, if customers are satisfied with the services, goods!

What programming languages ​​should I use on my site?

This question does not have a single answer! Facebook uses PHP, Google C++, YouTube Python, and so on. With an extremely small budget, it is better to look for experts who know simple programming languages ​​(very good specialists are not interested in working for little money), with a large budget, look for specialists who know one of the programming languages, which is the main one in the largest corporations on the planet! Also, increase the number of hired programmers all the time (all large holdings each have 50-150 thousand hired programmers), it is not possible to progress by involving only one specialist in the field of electronic commerce!

I want to expand the business, like the serious companies Microsoft, Google, Facebook and other large companies, but where are the guarantees that the hired specialist will not damage the most important processes that will be difficult or impossible to restore? After all, so many companies lose millions and billions due to mistakes made by low-competent people!

Great question friends! As you can see from Wikipedia, even Bill Gates works as a technology advisor at Microsoft https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Microsoft, a person who is an expert in this or that area and provides consultations, giving advice on what is the best technology to use for faster and safer enterprise development! In order to hire a specialist for such a position, you do not need to give access to the ability to edit, any sections of the site or Google accounts, for example, but only give access to their viewing and analysis, and after a few months or half a year, in case of high literacy of advice and the benefits received from their implementation, gradually increase the access rights of a specialist so that he can bring more benefits and independently implement his ideas! In the event of a break in relations with a specialist, you must first block access to the ability to edit your accounts, and then inform the specialist about the severance of business relations with him, so that he, being upset by non-recognition of his talent, could not damage important processes in the work of your resources! As you can see, with competent actions, it is much easier to avoid monetary losses and damage to resources!

Questions regarding the issue of shares in the US Securities and Exchange Commission sec.gov.

I want, like, Apple, Microsoft, Google and all other reputable multinational companies, to issue shares in the US Securities and Exchange Commission! What do i need for this and how much money will it cost me?

I am glad that you have decided to take this important step for the development of your business and the world economy as a whole! If you do not have US sitizenship or residency, you can qualify as foreign private issuers. The difinition of a foreign private issuer and the steps to be taken to register a foreign private issuer offer are described here Foreign Private Issuer Access to US Markets. If you do not meet the definition of a foreign private issuer, than you will not be able to use these rules and must follow the general procces for listing a company in the United States. The story of this process can be found here Raising capital through a registered public offering. On the financial side, registration fees are proportional to the number of securities offered and can be found here Application fee Rate. On the legal side, sec.gov recommends that you consult with a US securities lawyer and discuss the registration process. If you have any additional questions for an employee of the US Securities and Exchange Commission, then you should send them through this form. Most likely you will have to communicate with the staff of sec.gov by phone, they are very limited in their ability to give written advice. I hope my answer was useful to you and you will speed up the process of entering the US stock or OTC market (not all companies meet the recuirements for entering the US stock market, there are no starting recuirements for the OTC market)!